How to fix a sweater

I originally knit this sweater for my son but when he put it on the neck was too big. So I was flipping through some knitting books at my LYS and saw that I could just knit on another neckline. HA! So I did and it kinda looks like a faux turtleneck. He’s at his grammies for xmas right now so he can’t try it on but as soon as he comes home I’ll take a pic of him in it.

Good job! I hope it fits. :cheering: :cheering:

What a great idea!! :thumbsup:

Nice job!!

That’s a nice look! I’ll have to remember that. :thinking:

How cool! Can’t wait to see it on him.

what an awesome idea! It looks great!

Thanks for the tip!! The sweater looks awesome :thumbsup: