How-to Fix a Hole created by dropped stitches of two diff varieties (cable cast-on and knit)

I am knitting a blanket. I dropped a stich (or perhaps multiple stitches) for the first few rows of the blanket. I am now several balls of yarn deep, so it doesn’t seem as simple as picking up a normal dropped stitch.

Usually I just get the dropped stitch in between my two needles and “climb the ladder” back up - but this is so far down, I would have to undo a lot of my work. I also don’t know how that would work considering I would need to fix it as a cable cast-on stitch - and then back to regular knit stitches?

The most simple solution would be to rip from the cast on side of the blanket until the mistake is gone and then cast off a new edge. That means that just a few rows would get lost.

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An alternative is to recreate the cast on. You could look at how the stitch is made in a cable cast on using a small swatch. This is done here for the long tail cast on (I couldn’t find a video for cable cast on).

Even if you can’t figure out the repair for cable cast on, the repair of long tail may work. Then you would ladder up only as far as can easily be done, tie off the stitch to a stitch nearby and weave in the tie ends. A test run on a swatch is best before working on your lovely blanket.

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How would I rip the first row? Do I untie the double knot I made before casting?

You will have to open the knot. I am always using long tail cast-on rather than cable cast on, so I am not able to say exactly how you rip out the rest. Once you are past the cast-on it will rip in the normal way (you just pull the yarn and you will find live stitches).

Unfortunately, the knitting won’t unravel from the bottom up because the sts have a direction. You have to unpick the yarn from the cast on or from any row up from the cast on.

When you do this, it’s easier to insert a needle that is a couple of sizes smaller than the project needles.
Here’s a tutorial that may help too.

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Personally I would cut a short length of the yarn and thread it on a tapestry needle. Then pick up that dropped stitch and just stitch the hole closed as pretty as possible.

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Finished my blanket last month…ended up frogging and redoing that section with the holes.


It was all worth it. The blanket is lovely! It’s the perfect and beautifully worked.