How to Fix a Dropped Stitch with Yarn Overs

Hi, my knitting pattern says yo, k6 and that is to be repeated across the row. I made a mistake just before the next yarn over and decided to drop down a few stitches but noticed the ladders are twisted. I’m assuming it’s because of the yarn overs. How can I fix the dropped stitches if the ladders are twisted? Thank you!

Maybe a photo would help here.
Can you fix the dropped stitches first then pick up the yarn overs front to back?

This is an example of my problem. When I dropped down to fix the stitch, I noticed the ladders are twisted and I’m unsure how to pick up the dropped stitch with those ladders.

It’s a little difficult to tell but possibly dropping the loop at the blue arrow off the left needle and letting the yarn strand come under the strand (red dot) will untwist.

Are you sure I’m supposed to untwist it? I’m worried that will affect the yarn over ahead of it. When I looked at this Video it shows a dropped yarn over is supposed to have a twist in it. So I’m worried if I undo it that the yarn over will be gone.

I would first fix the dropped stitch. A yarn over can always be picked up even if one was missed on a previous row. Did you perhaps work one more row after the yarn over? That might account for the twist.
You can see the twist and a way to repair a yarn over here.

Okay thank you!