How to fix a dropped stitch - in a finished garment

I made this noro sweater last year and finally got around to doing the seaming. The shoulders were three needle bind off, and the rest of the seaming was as usual.

So…I go to wash my lovely creation and what do I find but evidently I missed one of my top stitches on that three needle bind off! It hasn’t laddered down- just that poor sad little loop waiting to take a run south on me. Otherwise sweater looks pretty darn good for a first effort (and yes pictures will be posted - I just don’t want to put it on until this little blerp is fixed).

What is the best way to fix? My thoughts involve a crochet hook and bringing it through to the bind off row and tacking it down. Is there a better way to fix???

That would be what I’d do - it’s the easiest way and won’t show.


You could take out the bind off, but that would be a huge pain. I think the tacking sounds like the best way to do it!

I would pull it back up with a crochet hook, to the cast-off, and then sew it securely with sewing thread. Remember to check whether you knitted the corresponding stitch in the bind-off normally, or whether another was neglected (because thee are equal numbers of stitches on both needles).

Thanks ladies - that is what I will do. I suspect that I caught the fuzz part of the yarn but not the entire loop of the one side. The other side looks fine.