how to finish icord before binding off icelandic style...

hi all! been a while… took a 6 month break from knitting, but back at it with a special project. a dear family friend and her hubby just had their 4th child… she’s one of my dad’s former employees and they lost another coworker earlier this year in tragic circumstances… that lady was the office knitter… since she’s not with us to make something for baby #4, i stepped in as a surprise…

anyhoo… knitting the baby honey blanket by cratling designs (… lots of left twists, right twists and garter galore. i’ve deviated some by using the icelandic cast on and doing a 3-stitch icord on the right and left sides… slipping the last 3 stitches of each row, turning the work, then KTBL, knit, knit. now that i’m at the end… what’s the best way to finish off the icord to start the icelandic bind off row? do i slip the last 3, as if i’m still doing the icord on the last regular row, or do i knit those stitches first then turn, so the bind off has normal stitches to start with? or even more generally… what’s the preferred method for finishing off an icord when you’re about to bind off in any style?

picture attached just for show, but it was when i was just over 2/3 done.

thanks for any help!

cheers, 'topher :wink:

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Hi 'topher. Beautiful blanket! You’re more than stepping in with that lovely pattern. Thanks for the photo and link.

I like the idea of slipping the last 3 as if to start the I-cord, then binding off. The Icelandic is a nice finish here.