How to find where i am in a moss pattern

help! i’ve been knitting a simple moss pattern for a baby jacket and have lost track of what row i am supposed to be on. ( I had to do some ripping out and lost track). how do i figure out what row i should be knitting in this pattern?
the pattern is simple: 4 rows, #1= k1, p1 etc #2= p1, k1, etc #3= p1, pk etc #4= k1, p1
it all looks like gobbeldy-gook to me… becky

For moss st you would knit the next st if it looks like a purl, and purl it if it looks like a knit. No matter what row you’re on, this works.

if the last stitch was a knit stitch, then you see the stitch as a V-shape under your needle and if it is a purl then you have that little bump under your needle, like a U upside down.