How to find out/dpn size

I got my dpn like half a year ago. I don’t remember what size they were. How do I find out what size they are?

You can buy a needle sizer, which is a little card that has a bunch of holes it it. Or, if you have a tape measure with millimeters on it, you can measure the circumference, and then transfer that measurement to the US nedle size.

it’s 1 cm…what size is it?

the mm measurement used for knitting needles is the diameter of the needle, the amount from “side to side”, so to speak, whereas the circumference is the measurement around the needle, such as how you would measure your waist.

if you don’t have a needle gauge and you’re desperate, you can punt with drill bit gauge, some have mm measurements. if not, [color=red]here’s[/color] a conversion table, fractions to mm.

you can also take the circumference and convert it to the diameter by either multiplying the circumference by 0.3183 or dividing circumference by 3.1416.

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A trick that I’ve used in the past with somewhat reliable results is to roll the dpn on a table or other flat surface with my hand along with a known diameter straight needle. If the two roll at an even “speed”, they are the same size. If one rolls faster or slower {moves away or closer to the other needle}, then they are different sizes. This is something that is easier to show than to describe, so let me know if I’ve been more confusing than informative!