How to find my way outta here

Ha. Well, you start something and then put it down and start something else, then after a month or so you go back to the thing you had started annnnd

it hits you. It’s not going to work. Just not going to work.

So. All you experts out there. (or other creative types)

I started this thing I thought would be a beautiful shrug.
I wanted to do k1,p1 ribbing with this amazing Peruvian Tweed Alpaca. There is the picture below which I posted a long time ago and clever Ingrid told me to make a shawl AND I DIDN’T LISTEN!

So I’ve only got about 5 inches done and I realised it would take FOREVER to make a shrug. Just forever. I took it off the needles, onto a piece of yarn to look at it and it looked like a turtleneck. So now I’m thinking of making it into a big roomy turtleneck and attaching it to a sweater. Of course, I’ll have to buy more of this yarn to make the sweater.

It’s so fine this yarn, I’m using size 7 needle and wish I could make the sweater part quicker on bigger needles. Combine it?
Double it? Too expensive. Put it onto a sweater made of a different bulkier cheaper yarn? (I paid $28 for it, 600 yards and only got one skein at the time) It’s just gorgeous yarn.

This is a saga. I’ll stop. what to do what to do

P.S. I can’t show you a picture of the piece I’ve done coz I can’t find my camera cord.