How to find group in my area

I thought I saw a web site link here a while ago. I looked but couldn’t find it. Are any of you the one who posted it? Or do you know what I’m talking about? ~Thanks

I saw it posted by perced (Christine)…look further down on the General Knitting threads…something about started a knitting group in your area…website is


I just tried I may have to be the organizer. No one has posted on the board for my area in months. I don’t mind being the organizer. I think I’d like it.

Thanks Foothills :thumbsup:

I went to the site too, but when I read about it, there was some verbage concerning fees. Are there others who have tried this site? There are no groups posted in my area either and I wouldn’t mind starting one myself!


Well here’s a mundane way of possibly finding knitters in your area, find a LYS, or a few and ask around. Couldn’t hurt. :wink:

Unfortunately, has started charging a fee. Too bad, because their features are the best…guess that is why they started charging!

There are several groups moving to/already on google groups and yahoo groups. Good luck!

You can look up stitch n bitch groups at