How to find back issues of a magazine

On Ravelry, I found a baby set I might want to make. BUT the pattern comes from a magazine.

How can I find a way to buy the Fall 2010 issue of Knit Simple magazine?? Does anyone on here have a copy that they could sell me? Or maybe someone would be able to copy the pattern for the Knitted Layette in that issue for me?? (if that’s allowed)

Please let me know which would be the best (and cheapest) way for me to do this!

Thanks, knitcindy

Copying patterns in books and magazines is a copyright violation.

You get back issues by going to the magazine website. I googled Knit Simple and then found the site and back issues.

Thanks JaninCA. I wasn’t sure. Will check out the link!!!


Check your library, too. Mine doesn’t have many knitting magazines and they don’t have that one, but there do have a few - so there’s a chance your’s may have it.

I just checked my library, but they don’t carry Knit Simple. Thanks for your idea though!!!


[I][SIZE=4]Hi KnitCindy,
You can go to
they are actually located in Columbus, Ohio…I’ve been there before…incredible! I found a back issue of a Crochet magazine I was looking for! They have the issue of KnitSimple that you’re looking for…$6.85! Hope that helps! I was so thrilled to find mine there! It’s a really cool place to visit…while they are an online yarn market, you can go there to shop…floor to ceiling bins of yarn…how cool is that!
Merry :heart:

Thanks for that link MerryKnitter!! I was able to find that back issue at a yarn shop last weekend!!! So, as it turns out, I didn’t have to pay shipping!

Now I just need to get busy on that baby set!