How to find a "replacement yarn"?

I want to knit something called a “Sproingy Poncho” from the “knitgrrl 2” book. It calls for 15 skeins of Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon yarn. 15!!! This isn’t cheap yarn!!! While I like the sproingy aspect of this ribbon yarn, I do NOT like the $5.75 per skein part!!!

I have looked over on Ravelry, but no one has listed this poncho over there. Does anyone here have any recommendations for a good yarn I can substitute?? I don’t know how to tell if a yarn is “sproingy” just from looking at it online, but ANY suggestions will be helpful!

Thanks, knitcindy

I would think that if the pattern is for ribbon yarn, you would want to stick to another variety of ribbon yarn.

Make sure the yarn is the same gauge, 3.5 st per inch on 10.5 size needles (per the Crystal Palace website) and that there is a similar number of grams/yard. I found that each ball has 50 grams but the website doesn’t say how many yards it is.

Happy hunting!

Lion brand has Fetuccini which may be sort of ribbonlike and Incredible which is a bulky/super bulky ribbon yarn.

if you find a ribbon with the same stitch count but not the same yards then it often works to get the same amount of yards (more balls). But if may change the density.

My best bet would be to look at the original yarn closely without buying it and then buying something in a shop that you can actually look at / feel. Maybe they even have both at the same shop and you can compare one to one.

definitley stay with a ribbon though. Same width, if possible (that you can mostly only check out yourself) because that makes a lot of the look of a piece.

I think I saw some ribbon yarn on sale at