How to figure out a yarn weight

I bought some yarn from a bargain bin and dont know what the yarn weight is ( ie: fingering etc ). I tried to find the company online to write to them, but cant ( makes me wonder how long it´s been in the bin… ).

It´s recommended to work it with size 3-3.5 mm needles and the gauge is 22 x 30. Each ball is 50 gms and about 120 meters.

As I´m trying to do some stashbusting ( so I can go out and buy more guilt free… :mrgreen: ) I´d like to figure out what the weight is so I can try to find the “perfect” project to use it for.

Any ideas?


Try what is the name of the yarn?

It´s called "Lanas torredemer Nilo " and I didn`t see it on Yarndex - but thanks for the reference! :thumbsup:


Hmm- I looked on Ravelry and nothing there either. My guess would be fingering due to the needle size though.

I know you measure the weight by “wraps per inch” (centimeter since you’re in Spain!" but I don’t know how to do it.

Good luck!

the easiest way is to go to a webwsite where they describe their yarns by “weights” - and compare the yardage per 50 gm with a yarn of the same fiber mix - or as close to it as you can.

this is not foolproof - but usually will work.

You may want to bookmark this page:

Thanks everyone!!! :muah:

Looks like it´s somewhere between a fingering/sock and sport. At least that´ll give me a range I can plug in on ravelry to look for patterns.

OK - time to de-stash!!!