How to felt?

I thought I knew how to do this… but now that the time is here (read: I finished my I CORD!) I am second guessing myself. I tried to do a search on here but there are waaaaay to many topics with the word “felt”

Ok so I put my garments in the washer— hot water.

Do I use soap? For some reason I remember someone saying to use soap, but I could be crazy too since I don’t recall that being mentioned here

Put some items in the washer with it for friction.

Check on it every 5 min or so?

Take it out, block it to dry.

Is that right?

I don’t know how to create a link, but on July 7 in the How-To section, Silver gives a very good description of how to felt (I bookmarked it).

Some people say no soap, some say a tiny touch of soap. Totally up to you. Otherwise what you described sounds like what I did the ast time I felted. :thumbsup:

I tried to split out Silvers post so I could just use the instructions she had and sticky it… but I somehow have now lost to post??? Ummm I swear it said it sucsessfully split! So where did it so?!?!?!

woo hoo! i-cord finished! :happydance: :happydance: