How to felt? - Looking for introduction

I have heard so much about it that I want to know everything about it…

Introduction anyone? :thinking:

Here is an article on felting.

If you can find the book “Knit One, Felt Too” the author (whose name escapes me) does a really thorough job of explaining the process.

Thank you!!! I think Im going to start with a cell phone cover… :slight_smile:

Suggestions on which yarn to use?

Anything 100% wool, to start with–not superwash. If it’s wool and the label says hand wash, you should be good to go. Other animal fibers felt, like alpaca, but not as firmly.

What about this one?

It’s a wool blend, but from the looks it could be all wool with the other stuff twisted in. I don’t know how it would look. It could turn out to be the coolest thing ever, or the oddest. The wool will shrink, but the other bits will not. I honestly don’t know what the outcome would be. :thinking:

Here’s a sample… the bucket hat on the left is knitted from the same skein as the scarf, but the hat was washed in a machine with hot water and a couple of t-shirts to give a little agitation. The scarf was gently hand-washed in cool water and soft wool-washing soap and has kept it’s ribbing pattern effect. There are ways to tell tell what fabric you have.
For instance, if you hold a flame to it and it smells like burning hair, it’s a good bet you have wool. More information can be found on the 'net.

Actually, I can’t believe that anyone knows ‘everything’ about felting, or anything else,… it is a matter of try-it-and-make-it, or try-it-and-learn.
It’s the same with everything… just do it. It is a craft that happens in the hands, the mind, and quite possibly the creative ‘soul’ within ourselves.


That yarn is 90% wool so it should felt fine.

I went to Joann’s this afternoon and got a skein of Patons 100% wool, I have started knitting a rectangle just to see how it comes out, if it does good Ill use it for my cell phone cover… I am sooo excited!

I looked for the book Knit one, Felt too but they didnt have it… I will keep looking. :slight_smile: