How to felt a cushion like this?

Okay, so, this isn’t exactly a knitting question but I wasn’t sure where else to put.

I came across photos of some really pretty cushions with yarn felted into them. I have no idea how they were made. Any ideas? I’d like to try myself!

My first thought is needle felting. There’s probably some giant automated machine that does it. It’s time intensive to do it on that scale by hand. :teehee:

It doesn’t look like needle felting. Not that I am that familiar with it, but you can still see the plies of the yarn on the cushions. It was done by hand though, I do know that for sure :slight_smile:

Also, I know it’s on felt. My first thought was that she pinned or lightly sewed it onto the felt and washed it or put it in boiling water or something?

Normal felting is usually done in a washing machine with hot water, a little detergent, a pair of old jeans and agitation.

The reason I thought maybe needle felting is the placement looks specific which you couldn’t do in a machine really. Although you could knit with something that won’t felt, then loosely knit in some feltable yarn, and knit again with non felting yarn and then felt. It would make it only felted in the center. Might be all bunched up though. It would take practice.

The upshot is I don’t know how they did this. If you know the people who did it maybe they could tell you?