How to escape from seaming

Hi guys. I was just looking at this pretty baby blanket and I was wondering for the “shell pattern” it says you knit 7 and then sew them all together. It’s only 25 stitches for each panel so is there any reason why you wouldn’t be able to knit 2 or even 3 at the same time? Just mark the new panel with a stitch marker and start the row over? So you could avoid some of the seaming in the end? What do you think?:yay: It’s pretty isn’t it?:hug: Thanks for your help everyone!

oh that is a really pretty blanket! I’m sorry, I can’t help you with an answer, but I’ll bump your post! Good luck! I’m interested in hearing an answer too…

I think the pattern writers break things like this up so that you don’t have so much weigh hanging from your needles. There is no reason you couldn’t do the whole thing all at once.

Yes you could knit it the way you describe.

Oh, Love this pattern, in my “To Do” patterns and I wondered the same thing. I don’t think doing the rows together would be a problem. However, at the end you’ll still need to make a long strip for the top and two sides to make it look like the photo.

Tip for working with excessive amounts of stitches: Use circulars, not single point, the weight on single point will create problems with your wrists and tendons!

Note too, that you wouldn’t have to necessarily seam the side/top strip. You could pick up sts on the blanket and do a 2-needle bind off with the strip.

You could do it all at once on a circ. The orig pattern probably factors in a sel st for each panel, for seaming, that you could leave out of your piece if worked as one. However, if you break it up into smaller sections (doing 2 or 3) make sure to leave that st in on the applicable sides.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Very Smart! Thanks and that will definitely work! Well, couldn’t you just do the whole thing and do some Kfbs on the corners?

You couldn’t pay me enough to sew 7 thin panels together rather than knit them as one. Even if they do include a seam stitch, it wouldn’t really matter if you left them in or took them out. It would just be a part of the pattern.

OOPS, I am referring here, to the sides/top section.

I’ll have to agree with Ingrid, would have to knit the main body in one piece.

Thanks everyone. I think I will knit all 7 patterns at once if we all agree it would work. I wasn’t planning on changing the pattern (taking out the seam stitch) I just don’t want to confuse myself. And of course i’ll do it on circs!!! So just to be clear does everyone think I could just knit all 7 at the same time? Or should I do like 3 and then 4 at a time? If I use like a 29" circ that should be enough room right? It’s not that many stitches after all. Or would you all suggest a longer circ? I’ve never knit a blanket before! This is gonna be fun!!! Thanks for helping me with this ladies!

Yes, I think you could do the 7 panels all across at once. A baby blanket isn’t usually more than 30-40" across and you can easily fit that many on 29" circs.

Yay! You do it first psquidy and then post the FO! :wink: Have fun!