How to enlarge this

Hello: This pattern is shown at this link:

I can’t quite figure out how to enlarge this for an adult size…also, can I make it with 2 strands of knitting worsted held together? Thank you very much for any help.

If you knit this with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together, that will increase the size. The best way to judge how much the increase will be is to knit a swatch over the 12 stitch pattern repeat. Cast on enough sts for 2 or 3 repeats and see how much your gauge differs from the given gauge (~5.5sts/inch).

Since the pattern repeat is 12 sts for the cable and purl sts, you can increase in groups of 12 until you have the size you want.
Row 1: (k1, p1) 5 times, ([B]k6, p6[/B]) 12 times, (k1, p1) 5 times
Lovely soft cables on this blanket.

So I only have to enlarge the cable part? Also, is 2 strands too heavy?

Knitting with two strands gives you thicker yarn, which will make the blanket a bit bigger but also thicker/stiffer if you don’t adjust needle size.
If you want to keep the drape as in the photo, then when you work two strands you should also go up in needle size. The larger needles will increase the size of your blanket as well.

A swatch done with the two strands and larger needles will tell you how much larger the blanket will be just from these adjustments. If you want the blanket to be even larger then you would increase the number of cable repeats within the pattern. You do not need to increase the number of border sts.

Thank you!

I don’t think you would need to add more stitches to enlarge this blanket. Especially since you’re already going to be using 2 strands of worsted yarn. I would bump up the needle size to either 11 or 13 and cast on the same # of stitches that the pattern calls for.

That should make a very nice blanket.