How to end?

I’m currently working on a headband for myself my last project for myself for awhile. But soon I’m going to run into a problem with my project. I haven’t the foggest how to end it and make it connect for a headband. I’ll include the pattern so you can see what it will look like sort of. I’m using berrett natural colored cotton. I do love this pattern I’ve used it to make 4 scarves they all turn out very cuddly and warm I’m so happy I found it online.

any ideas would be awesome!

I just looked around the site and can’t find the headband. Where would I look?

well, I wasn’t as responsible as Ingrid, because I didn’t even click the link :aww:

but, I have two thoughts:

  1. you could try a Kitchener stitch
  2. you could 3 needle bind off on the inside where no one would see

fwiw: when I saw the title of your post, my first reaction was, "she wants to END? knitting? but, why?!!)

Lol no I’ll probably never stop knitting completely. Lol
but the pattern is for a scarf I decided without much thought by the way lol to just knit the scarf pattern as linked above on smaller needles with a worsted weight yarn I haven’t the foggest how to knit it so the long band can fasten around my head. Sorry about the spelling and bad grammer I’m not on a pc. I’m basicly going to have two square ends and I’m not sure how to make something that would work for a head band. Thanks in advance.

You could just stitch them together and wear the seam in the back.

Depending on the stitch pattern, if you use Mattress stitch to sew the edges, you wouldn’t see the seam on the outside, but would have one on the inside.

If you sew edge to edge, you’ll have a seam, but hey, clothing has seams.:shrug:

when I saw the title of your post, my first reaction was, "she wants to END? knitting? but, why?!!)
I must agree! but you could just create a little tie at the ends and tie them together or make a button hole and put a button on the other end and use that! but good job on making a headband!:thumbsup: I haven’t made one yet, speaking of which that might be my next project!

I just tuck the yarn into other loops that I have already made, feeding about 6cm through until I can’t feed it any more… But that might only work for Crocheting, not sure…