How to end a continuous border?!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I bought a pattern for a continuous cabled border for a blanket that I am working. But before I dove into finishing the blanket I made a test square to try this pattern out and I am glad I did!

Today I finished my test piece and the ending is so undesirable. I’d be mortified if I did this on the blanket, that is for someone else. The pattern simply stated to “sew the edges together” but in doing so it makes a rather large smooth spot and it looks like there should be a cable bubble but when you count the bubbles there are 9 on all sides (minus the first side- beginners boo-boo)
Frankly, I am sure there are a lot of mistakes in this so maybe it’s just me not lining things up properly and miscounting. But this is why we make test pieces right? :aww:

I would absolutely appreciate any advice, suggestions, input, and/or criticisms that could help me make this perfect and lovely.

Thank you all in advance!

It’s important to keep track of the number of rows between cables. Since you have the correct number of twists on each side, you’re doing a good job at that.
You can check when you get near the final side to see if your rows will work out so there won’t be too many rows between twists at beginning and end. You might even work a row more or less to keep this even looking.
I wonder if a provisional cast on joined by grafting or 3 needle bind off would be smoother?

I will give those options a try. I didn’t tie this off so I can easily take the ending apart and try something new.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: