How to dye acrylic yarn?

I have a bunch of off-white acrylic yarn that I want to use up, but I hate the colour. Anything would be better than this colour. I looked up a few methods and I would really like it if I can use common household products to dye it. However I read up on it and apparently kool aid won’t work for acrylic…I briefly scanned over how to dye yarn with coffee or food colouring…would that work? If not, how can I dye this yarn?

You might find an answer in our Creating Yarn forum.
That’s where all the dyers and spinners hang out.

The only dyeing I’ve ever done was to use Kool-Aid on wool. Kool-Aid only works on protein fibers. (yarn made from animals or certain plants)

You’ll have to use a fabric dye of some sort, not Koolaid, food coloring or coffee, they only work on natural fibers. And it may not take the color evenly, but a heathered effect might be nice. You’ll have to try a little out to see what works.