How to downsize patterns to fit a child

I have a pattern for a knitted bolero for an adult. I need to know how I can make this same bolero for a 7 year old child. How do you downsize the pattern?? :?? :?? Please reply to my personal email address Thank You

It is not always possible to easily downsize an adult pattern to a child’s pattern. One possible way is to use smaller yarn and smaller needles. The other way is to work out the measurements and pattern stitch and re-work the whole pattern to a smaller size. The preferred method all depends on how the clothing is made. Most patterns can be reduced with some patience and time, however sometimes the math involved is overwhelming and not worth the time and effort, and it is better to find an appropriately sized pattern to begin with.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thank you for your reply. I really want to make this pattern so I will use a smaller needle and less stitches. I have made Adult Shrugs for my two granddaughters by just measuring them at all the required areas and I quess I will need to do the same with this adult Bolero. This is just a bit more difficult since the front starts with only 2sts and you need to add on until front measures a certain size up to the breastbone, then you junt knit until it is long enough to reach the shoulders. Made on a slant. Well, once again I thank you for your response. Nancy OConnell :XX: