how to downsize pattern

I have a pattern called Going Fishing Cardigan, i have knitted it before in larger sizes, the first pattern size starts at 2 years old, now i want to knit one for my 18 month old great niece, but i do not know how to downsize it, any help would be appreciated
Thanking You Christine

Hi Christine, I am just finishing a jumper that I sized up from a 4yr to probably a 6 yr old size by simply using thicker yarn (aran/worsted in place of sport/DK) and suitable needles instead of the recommended ones. I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same but in the opposite way.
Although, remembering just how fast babies grow, is it really worth going to the effort of downsizing something that will be outgrown in no time at all!! Perhaps she’ll get more use out of one that’s a little roomier, what do you think?


Hi there yes I was thinking that, they do grow pretty quick i suppose i was wandering how easy or hard it might be to change, what i might do is go with your idea and do the 2 year old one, also i already have the dk yarn left over to do the stripes i need, thanks for contact anyway

Regards Christine

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