How to double knit?

I have designed a pot holder (I will post when finished) with a symbol from the Native American tribe I am a member of and I want to try to double knit it. The problem is I have never used more than one color to knit with! The body of the potholder will be black and the design will be in the middle and will be red. Do I knit the black part with 2 strands of black then switch to the red when needed? I think I just need a little advice (or a lot?) to get going, although the more I think about it, the more questions I have…:wall:

I’m not quite sure if you mean double knitting. Do you mean double knitting, as in having a reverseable potholder? If that’s what you mean, then one side will have a black background with a red design, while the other side will have a red background with a black design. If that’s what you’re going for then see Amy’s tutorial for reverseable knitting on this website (it’s great!).

If you want the potholder to have a right side and a wrong side, then you’ll be doing either intarsia or stranded color work for the design. There are videos on the website for both techniques.

I hope that helps. Can’t wait for the design to be posted

That is what I meant, sometimes my brain can not find the words I mean! Thank you so much!