How to do thumb gusset?

Calling all you helpful ladies out there! I am in process of doing my first project using dpns. I making fingerless gloves in a very easy plain stocking stitch [think U.S. call it stockinette?] Anyway I have 13 stitches on waste yarn for the thumb part and this is where I am stuck. The pattern says to put the 13 sts on three dpns casting on 2 sts extra sts on the last needle. If I could back track for a moment, when I knitted the main part of the glove on 3 dpns using the 4th as the free needle it appeared to me that the wrong side of the work was inside of the 3 dpns [if that makes sense!] and the right side was to the outside. Anyway that bit is fine, the problem is the thumb, if I try and knit it the same way as I did the main part I keep getting garter stitch instead of stockinette stitch as I should get for just knitting every stitch. Would be so grateful for someone’s help:??

Flip your thumb sts maybe or start knitting them on the other edge of them. You should be starting to knit at the closest st to the hand, but at the right end of a needle. Attach a yarn end, knit across the 13 sts and CO the 2 sts you need.

Thanks for that Suzeeq, you’ve come to my rescue again!:waving: