How to do this????

Here’s some instructions I’ve never seen before.

Slip 2 sts as if to knit, K2 tog, P2SSO

My question is:
When I slip 2 sts as if to knit, do I slip them one at a time or 2 at the same time (like I was going to K2 tog)??

Any hints??? Thanks

Slip the 2 sts together as if to knit. It’s a centered triple decrease.
Which pattern are you following?

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Thanks salmonmac!!! It’s a pattern for a baby blanket that has holes that make the shape of hearts. It’s from an old booklet called “Outfits for Baby”. The directions I typed were from Row 26 of the pattern. I think it’s the top part of each heart.

I knitted this blanket 23 years ago when my youngest son was a baby, so that explains why I don’t remember these abbreviations!!!

Thanks again!

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So nice of you to make this blanket again which such a lovely motif.

I’m looking for baby blanket patterns right now and thinking about a stars and moon or teddy bear blanket.

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Well, I haven’t actually started it yet. I have this soft Bernat Super Value yarn in cream and I’m trying to decide which pattern to use! My neice is having her baby girl in September. I start patterns and then change my mind and rip out a LOT!!

Any ideas on which pattern will look nice or show up the best in a cream yarn?


Well, cream yarn is classic. I’ve made the larger version of this blanket and love it.

KnitCindy here is my “go to” pattern for baby blankets, RedHeart put it out one Easter but I make it for any time, it has bunnies on it which is totally fine for a baby ANY time of year. It uses a cream colored yarn Yes it is crochet not knit sorry but I love this blanket so much. Ive made a few. You have to be super careful to remember to read the chart Right to LEFT on every other row… or rip out rows like I had to when I would watch TV while doing that project. Errrhhghgh. I literally had to use a Highliter Pen to make arrows on my printed pattern so I would not mess it up again, even though it’s a pretty easy pattern.

I was going to answer your P2SSO myself but SalmonMac got it- by the way, someone correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think it matters whether you’d slip one at a time over or both at same time when you pass them over.

SalmonMac is so prolific on this board I wonder if she’s a bot! (I know she’s not lol) she sure is a help to every one

Thank you for sharing this pattern. It’s so adorable! :slight_smile: