How to do this stitch: K5B (knit stitch 5 rows below)

Hi Everyone, I’m new here, and I need help. I’m working on a child’s hat with a raspberry pattern. It’s called A Berry Cute Hat by Fiber Trends, and was coming along nicely until I got to the raspberry part. The directions say to K5B - or to lift a stitch from the left hand needle, let it drop 4 rows, and then put the right needle in front of the dropped stitch and behind the 4 horizontal strands left from dropping the stitch, and then to knit from this position. I need an illustration or some good advice on how to do this. Has anyone here every tried this? :shrug:


I haven’t done it, but it kind of makes sense. If you drop a stitch, it unravels and leaves horizontal bars behind in it’s path. This instruction says to purposefully let the stitch drop, but only for 4 rows–you’ll have 4 horizontal bars of yarn.

Before it goes any further, I’d grab it with a crochet hook from the back and bring it up behind the bars and put it on the left needle and knit it from there. That sounds easier to me than using the right needle, but you might want to try it.

Thanks Ingrid, Because of your suggestions, I was able to figure out the stitch and complete the project.!!

:cheering: :cheering: