How to do this pattern??



Hi, have this lovely sweater, anyone knows what pattern it is or has a clue of how to knit it?

Thank you


Welcome to KH!
That is a lovely sweater. It looks like a knit into the stitch below. In this video the k1b stitches are stacked in a column where your sample is staggered.


Yess!! Thank you!

I think this one is like mine!



Hmm, I tryed this one out and it seems like it’s not quite the same, honeycomb is more of a two layer and mine is one… there is a difference, right…?


You may have to play around with this pattern. There’s a k1, k1below on one row and perhaps k1, p1 on another.


I found this variation called a bee stitch. Which goes well with honeycomb stitch. It is similar to garter sts with some k becoming k1b on the RS mostly.

But what bothers me is the OP image appears to be stockinette sts based with the alternating K1B and three colors.

Is the WS of your example image shown?

I would try an odd number cast on.
Row1 in color A: K1, (K1B, K1) repeat.
Row2 in color B: P1B, (P1, P1B) repeat.
Row 3 in color C: K1, (K1B, K1) repeat.
Row 4 in color A:P1B, (P1, P1B) repeat.
(Knit the K1B’s, K1B in the K’s; and P’s in the P1B’s, etc.)


I will try to follow the instructions and see what happens…!
This is the reverse side of my sweater

Thank you for trying to help!


It appears knit from the outside (RS):

But the back shows garter stitch row pattern.

I am confunded (Ref. Harry Potter, a spell that causes confusion).

BTW: My test knit of my previous suggested pattern did not work.
I will now slip 1, k1b, across
Then knit back.

I do love a challenge.


I tryed to knit as was suggested and didn’t work, did you figure out the pattern? I recon it’s
Colour A
Colour A
Colour B
Colour B
Colour C
Colour C