How to do this increase?

Hi, I’m knitting this baby sweater.

Can’t figure out the increase. Pattern says to “increase in next stitch by knitting into the back and then the front of the same stitch” HUH???

Can someone please tell me which one of Amy’s increase videos this corresponds to?

THANKS!!! - Nani

Wow, I think I figured it out. How 'bout that :slight_smile: I think it’s the “bar increase.” I’m going to see if it works. Thanks Amy for this GREAT site!

Happy knitting.

That should be the one! Good luck! :thumbsup:

I’m getting little purls on the increase stitches on the knit side, which looks kind of strange :??

It’s the bar increase except the instructions say to do the opposite of what Amy does in the video (knit the back of the stitch first, then the first).

Happy knitting.

This is my preferred raglan increase. You do get a little purl bump on the knit side, but overall, it creates a neat pattern along the increase seam.

Here’s a pic, but this is knit through the front loop first, then the back though. Not sure about the other way around as I haven’t done it that way. I’m sorry I don’t have a better picture. This sweater is now in Canada, presumably on my brother in law. :wink:

Thanks Kelly and Silver. I think I prefer your method too. I’ve done a few rows of the “back first then front” and it leaves little holes. I think I like the front first. It looks neater. Anyone else have input? Are these the two ways to do raglan increases?