How to do the next part of pattern?

I am working on a pair of baby booties that have cuffs at the top (flaps folded outwards onto themself). I have just got to this part in my pattern…
Next Row-(RS- with cuff turned back)- k1, *yfwd, k2tog, rep from * to end

I am unsure what it means by (RS- with cuff turned back)

The row prior to it was;
Cont in garter stitch until work measures 6cm from beg, working last row on RS

So I completed the 6cm working the last row on RS which means my next row is WS but yet is says “next row (RS- with cuff turned back)”. Help please :slight_smile:

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Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link?
This is the cuff? You’ve worked this correctly, ending so that the next row is a WS row. When you fold the cuff down, however, the RS and WS will change places. The WS will become the RS of the cuff. Just work the little eyelet row as given.

Great, thanks :slight_smile:
Pattern is Peter Pan Booties out of a Baby Bliss book dont think it is available online?

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