How to do intarsia without wasting yarn?

I’m attempting to make a sweater using the pattern below. It’s a pattern I made based off of a shirt from the tv show Big Bang Theory. How should I do the color work? If intarsia is the best way, how do size the various bobbins so I don’t waste yarn or cut them too short?

Thanks in advance.

Is the design just on the front or on the entire sweater? If its all over then go with fair isle (aka stranded) knitting and knit it in the round. If its done flat in pieces then you’d probably want intarsia. I don’t know how much to put on the bobbins though, sorry!

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I agree with Jan’s recommendation of fair isle or stranded knitting. The best way is in the round because the pattern will always be in front of you (on the RS) but even if you decide to knit back and forth, I’d still do fair isle because of the small number of sts in some of the areas of color.

Hmmm, so I though to myself could you not work this from the center out (maybe easier with crochet), in sections (picking up stitches along edges), using short rows (allowing for easy intarsia striping), rather than working complete rows top to bottom? I remembered some patterns on Ravelry that I thought could give you an idea of what I was thinking.

And then I found these!!! Just adjust for size/yarn/guage.

And the small version dishcloth