How to do FC and BC without cable needle?

I am working on an open cable scarf - pattern at this link:

I was able to do C4B and C4F without the cable needle and I would like to do FC and BC without the cable needle as well since there’s a lot of repeating.

To do FC, do I take 3 st off the left needle then slip the left needle to the first 2 st off the right needle, then release all 3 off the right needle then catch the one loose needle with the right needle, and that one st to the left needle and purl and knit as usual? Which needle should be in front when forming an X with both needles? Is there a standard pattern for front and back twist? :?? :??

Then for BC, do I also take 3 st off the needle then only slip the left needle to the first st? :??

I’ve printed some articles off the internet about cable design without cable needle, and there’s example for C4B and C4F but none of FC and BC. So far I’ve been doing FC and BC using cable needle and it’s just taking too long…

Can somebody please help me? Thank you.

Sorry… I meant to ask - is there a standard pattern to do left and right twist - which needle should be in front etc.?

Thanks again.

A left twist has the cable travel to the left, so you hold the cable stitches in the front, and then purl the next stitch, then the cable stitches.

A right twist has the cable travel to the right, so you hold the purl stitch to the back and the knit the cable stitches, then the purl stitch.

Here’s how I distinguish them: Left and front both have the letter F in them! :wink:

Of course I still have to say the words “lefffft ffffffront” aloud when working cables, but the wee mantra keeps me from knitting the cables in the wrong directions.

Ing and Ang (heyy… your names rhyme!! :smiley: )

Thanks so much! I will work on it again after Project Runway and tell y’all how it goes.

You gals are the greatest!