How to do easy beading

Hi all!
I was wondering if anyone has had experience knitting with beads? I’ve just tried stringing beads onto the yarn and
1, I find it really hard to get the beads onto the yarn, I’m using a fine needle with sone fine cotton thread in a loop then the yarn goes through the loop. But the yarn doubled over makes it very difficult to string the beads along, I’ve had to use pliers!
and 2, All these beads are taking up so much space on the yarn i keep having to push it along as i knit, slowing my knitting down. I’ve tried pushing the beads far far along the yarn spaced out equally but then the yarn gets tangled up as i knit.
Has anyone had these problems before? Is there an easier way to be working with beads? Or am i stuck with having to do it this way?
Thanks in advance!

You may find it easier to attach them as you go rather than prestringing. [B][COLOR=“Blue”]Here’s[/COLOR][/B] a article about beading, scroll to bottom for hooking the beads in. There’s also a pictorial [COLOR=“Blue”][B]here[/B][/COLOR] about hooking them in.