How to do decreases in seed stitch

My project has lots of rows in seed stitch, all worked successfully. Now comes pattern instructions to decrease to shape the neck by patterning to last 4 sts, then work 2 tog and pattern 2 more.
I have k1 p1 to get the seed stitch to the last 4 sts in the row, and now its time for the work 2 tog, so I k 2 tog. Whats next? Both options seem wrong: If I purl next (on the theory that I have just knit so I must purl next), wont I be off by one in comparison to the row below and I wont really get a seed stitch; If I knit next (on the theory that the stich that I am knitting into would ordinariily require a knit stitch in order to make a seed stitch), wont I have two knits in a row and that wont look like a k1 p1.
I assumed increases or decreases within a pattern would be in multiples of the pattern, such as decreasing by 2 here, so things would match up.
I am a combination knitter if that makes any difference in your suggestions.

When I did a seed stitch on a garment I did your second option. You will more than likely be continuing to decrease in following rows so it should not be noticeable that you have 2 knits in a row.

This should help you