How to do certain stitches



When a pattern calls for K1(2)tbl or P2tbl am I supposed to be decreasing here because there is also a K2togtbl stitch


I would interpret K1(2)tbl as knitting either one or two stitches (depending on size) through the back loop, without doing any decrease and P2tbl as purl two stitches through the back loop but it is difficult to be sure of this interpretation without seeing the full pattern and maybe some pictures of the ready product.


Thank you for responding. I’m new to the group. Is there anyway I can put the pic of the pattern on here?


If it is a free pattern, you can link directly to it. If it is not a free pattern, you could post in this thread a picture of that section and a small part of the pattern where you found these stitches. It is possible to upload pictures to any post you make.



I posted the picture and pattern. There is also another stitch I haven’t come across before. It’s the one where you k1 and then create a loop between the 9th and 10th stitch. I think I know what to do but when I’m bringing the wool across the piece, how does that work into the blanket? I’m really sorry for all the questions.


When you bring the loop of yarn across the front of the sts on the left needle, place the loop onto the left hand needle. Knit the loop and the next stitch together through the back loop. That will join the loop to the blanket sts.

This video shows joining the loop by k2tog instead to k2togtbl but the basic idea is similar.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. We love them. Thanks too for the photo of the blanket. Would you please edit out the pattern itself as shown in the first scan? The name and photo are fine. This is because of copyrights, whether it’s a paid or free pattern we can’t post large portions of patterns here. You can do this using the small pencil icon at the bottom right of your post.