How to do "C3Bdec"?

Hi all! I’m about to start a poncho. But I’m stuck on one stitch. It’s called “C3Bdec” and “C3Fdec”. The B and F are front and back. The stitch is described for the C3Bdec is: “Slip next 2 sts onto cable needle and leave at back of work. K2, K2tog from cable needle.” Ok, so I know how to slip stitches and K2tog. What am I missing? Do I just have to slip the stitches onto a totally separate needle? I have never worked w/cable needles. Can I just use a short DPN instead? TIA!

By all means use a dpn. They work perfectly for cables.

Slip the stitches as if to purl onto the cable needle, and leave them where you’re told for the particular stitch (back or front). Then just follow the directions as to when to k2tog. I’m sure that for each, the dec will be hidden behind the stitches that are in front.