How to do a very gradual/continual increase

I am working on a tank that had a pattern… but is very rappidly becoming less pattern more me.

I need to make it a very gradualy flare all the way down. Is there a basical fourmula I need to follow? Increase every other row? Every 4 rows? And do I need to make sure I take turns increasing WS and RS? Or do I keep it all on one side?

Yeah, I am still new :oops:

It really depends on the rate you want it to flare. Measure where you are and what you want to get to, see how many inches the difference is and determine how many stitches that would equal. Then divide that into how many rows you want to use for this increase. I always increase on the right side. Look at the video to see what type of increase you want to make because they have different looks and lean different ways. :XX:

Measuring is a really good idea, just to be sure. But if you don’t want to, I’d say 1 increase at both ends every 4 or 6 rows, and on the right side. :thumbsup: