How to do a special lattice cable knit stitch?


I am trying to figure out how to knit a lattice cable stitch, on a “John Lewis Lattice Cable Knit Beanie” that I found online. Please see attachment.

It is not a simple lattice cable stitch. It is more complicated.

Would you be able to help?

Thank you.

There are several hat patterns that use either that or a similar one.

I registered to Ravelry and saw those 24 hat patterns. They are nice. But I still would like this particular stitch. I’ve searched online for hours with no avail. I think it is most likely not freely available. I will study and experiment with cable patterns and try find it out myself. Thanks again.

It’s close to the sand wind cable:

Yes, they are quite close, I will study it. I am learning some plait patterns and think they may help too. Let me work on it.

Thank you!

It’s likely a machine knit since it’s a mass produced hat. It’s sometimes difficult to exactly reproduce the exact stitch, but you can come close.