How to do a horizontal cable or horizontal "wave" pattern?

I’m doing a baby blanket using a cable stitch that creates a right slanting wave pattern (see my horrible picture). I wanted to create an area of stockinette stich towards the top where I could swiss stitch a name, with a wave-y border. The problem is I don’t know how to create a horizontal cable / horizontal wave pattern. I attempted to draw a picture on paint of what I’m attempting to do, sorry if it’s vague. I hope you understand what I mean. I need help!

I’m not real sure of what you are trying to do. You are making a blanket where there is an overall pattern like the zaggy lines you drew on the left? They are made with some sort of cables? And you would like to make an area of stockinette where you can Swiss darn on a name? Is the drawing on the right the blanket with a stockinette shape for the name?

I’m wondering if you couldn’t just drop the zaggy pattern starting on a certain row. Like do the zaggy patten part way across and then switch to stockinette and pick the pattern back up after enough stockinette width to put the name in. Then continue on the same way keeping the pattern going on the sides and leaving the one area in stockinette. You would have to do some thinking about where you are in your pattern stitch on each side to keep the lines going like they were. Then when you have done enough space in stockinette for the name then take up the pattern all the way across again. That would make it like your drawing on the right with the parallelogram you drew (easier maybe to make it rectangular, maybe) being the open area of stockinette for the name.

You can’t make a horizontal cable actually to use as a border although you could make a horizontal wavey area as a border with some textured stitch or do a contrast colored (to match the name) wave pattern. I saw a stranded wave pattern the other day that I could point you to if you want it. You could make a straight up and down cable on the ends of the rectangle and textured stitches or color at the bottoms. Just throwing out ideas.

What you said about doing the pattern on the sides and leaving a stockinette stitch box/parallelogram is what I was planning on doing, but I didn’t know how the horizontal border would look like (ie would it still maintain the “wave-y-ness” of the pattern horizontally? or would it be straight?) Could you give me more information to do the suggestions you mentioned like doing the textured stitch in another color (that’s a good idea, I didn’t think of that!!)

I really appreciate your help. Thank you!!

Is your pattern making scallops across the bottom of the whole blanket? If it is doing that I’m not sure how it will work when you try to leave a blank area. But if the zigzags are more like you drew (Is there any place I can look at the pattern on line? Or if you give me the exact name of the pattern and maybe who designed it maybe I can find a picture of it somewhere.)

Here is link to the colored wave pattern I found the other day. It is part of the Vogue knitting site. LINK

You could use any part of the chart that you like, you don’t have to use all of it. The top part that is in olive and teal was the part I was remembering. (If that didn’t take you directly to the chart but to the stitch library, it is in the color section and called “Catch a Wave”.

The other idea I had was of just doing the horizontal wave part in a raised stitch but not using another color. For instance the teal part of the chart, do all in reverse stockinette and the olive in stockinette, or something like that.