How to do a drape neck

I am having such a hard time figuring this out, and I can’t find a reference for how to do it. I’ve only found one pattern for a drape neck, and the construction is quite different from what I want, in that this is really high up and just straight across and what-not:
I thought from looking at that that I could just increase a bunch, but in the top I’m making that just was not working. I tried short rows, this just made the world’s largest boob holder. Looking at a store-bought drape neck I bought and seeing that the front got wider and longer at the top, I tried a top-down construction of knitting a wide panel first and decreasing and then CO the rem stitches for a raglan, but this just makes a weird flap. I also tried a similar thing from the bottom-up, just increasing a lot after the bust and then BO quickly, but no-go. Anyone have any ideas?

I haven’t made one so don’t know about construction but would this one work better?

Or Knitty’s Coachella…? You could start out the way it does, change the armholes to a more conventional style.

Thanks, guys. That Baccarat is exactly what I was looking for. I made Coachella, but the construction is so novel to me I really don’t know how to modify it well, and the style I’m going for is completely different.

ETA: just looked at it, I feel so stupid. I swear I am not lying when this is what I thought to do first, and why I didn’t do it I don’t know, thought it had to be more complicated and tried all these complicated ways. I feel so :wall: