How to do a border on a baby blanket

Hi I’m trying to do a border for the very first time and I cannot figure out where I’m going wrong I cast on the sts but there isn’t enough sts to do the whole pattern
Like it says to cast on nine sts but to do the whole line I need at least 14 where am I going wrong ?

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link to it or a pattern name?
Can you quote the entire first line of the pattern that is causing the problem (not the whole pattern as that can cause copyright problems)?
Remember that yarn overs don’t use sts, They occur between sts. That’s often a reason for not having enough sts.

That actually helps me out I always thought yarn overs counted as a stitch

On the following row the yarn over will count as a stitch. On the row where you make the yarn over however you just bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle to the back. That’s it, no stitch used up on that row.

Ok thanks
Now what do I do when I reach a corner?

If you’re picking up sts around the perimeter, you want to turn the corner by picking up 2-3sts in the corner stitch. That way the border will lie flat.
Are you attaching the border as you knit or are you sewing it on later? You would do something similar by making a small gather in the border at the corner.

I think I’m going to attach it as I knit it

So if you’re picking up a stitch at the edge on say every other row, just pause at the corner and pick up 2-3 times at the same or about the same place. That way you’ll have extra border fabric in the corner.

When I’m doing this I put a removable marker e.g. a safety pin into the stitch I’m knitting on so I don’t get confused.