How to divide one skein into two equals parts?

I’m about to start my first pair of socks in about 40 years (no kidding). The skein I bought is supposed to be enough for the two socks BUT I am supposed to divide it up first so I don’t get uneven sock tops.
I am usually pretty clever with things but this one has me stumped. Do you know a good, as in easy, way to divide this yarn?
Grannyknitter in Berkeley

Welcome to Knitting Help, Grannyknitter!

When I divided yarn I used my kitchen scale and divided by weight. That’s the easiest way I know to get it even. The skein should have the weight on it, it’s usually in grams.

When I made socks though I didn’t divide the skein. Are you concerned that they won’t match or is length your worry? I didn’t worry about them matching…I just consider them fraternal socks. :teehee: For length I just measured with a ruler.

I’m guessing that you’re using varigated yarn. What I do is go ahead and knit the first sock, making note of what color begins the top. Then when I start the second sock, I pull enough yarn from the same end of the skein to make the second sock begin with the same color. The rest of the colors will line up as long as you use the skein from the same direction as the first sock.

Tinker, that is what I do too. I always write down the sequence for about 1.5 meters though, as some times you think you have got the right place, but it is not quite there!

Thank you all for your replies. I was not even thinking about matching the coloring (yes, i am using variegated). But now I can do that too. I was just concerned with yarn running out before I finished the second sock since my pattern begins at the top (to toe). Now if the yarn runs out of my one half of yarn I can finish the toe with other yarn. In other words, both socks will match.
What I did was wind two balls, one from each end of the yarn. Luckily the yarn was very cooperative! I counted the winds on the first ball until it looked like about half the yarn was wound. Then I did the second ball from the other end. When I had two evenly matched balls I cut them apart.
The best thing about my confusion of last night is that I discovered this forum! Thanks so much. I am getting inspired to many projects!
I love it!