How to Divide for Heel in N. Country Baby Socks

First time knitting these socks - if anyone has done this pattern, can you help?! Not sure how best to explain, but when I got to the point where I divide for the heel after I divide it seems that the working yarn is on the wrong end (far left side of the needle). Row1 is kntting, though the way my yarn is I would need to purl first. Any idea what I did wrong??

I actually tried moving the stiches around the other way, but that seems very screwey.

Thank you!

I just got through knitting 2 pairs of these for my upcoming grandson. The trick is to remember that your heel flap will be worked on the needle immediately to the left of your hanging thread. This should keep you on the knit side.

Thank you, thank you! I am off and running again . . .

It makes sense now that the needle to the left of the working yarn would be needle one.

Thanks again!