How to disguise a hole in knitted sweater

Hi there, I have been working on this really cute sweater and I have discovered a hole in it due to my careless purl increase. I have tried to manipulate my stitches and push them closer together but that does not work. My question is how would I disguise this hole? Does anyone have a pattern to make a small flower so I could sew it over the hole (thats one thing I have in mind since the hole is very noticeable). The hole is on the left side at chest level near the edging.
Thank you for your help in advance :muah:

Flowers will work, fancy pins will work, but try this first:
Split out a single thickness of the yarn you’re using and thread it into a yarn needle.
On the right side, so you can see how it looks, squish the stitches together and use a safety pin to hold them.
Now turn the sweater inside out. Slide the yarn on the needle through the back of a few stitches to hold it. Now catch the two purl bumps (I’m hoping it’s purl on the back; if it isn’t, just be careful how you hook them) on the row below the hole and pull them together lightly. Now catch the stitches on either side of the hole and pull them together, enough to close the hole but not enough to make the front pucker. Finally, do the same thing with the row above and bury the end of the yarn to hold it.

Thanks alot, I will definitely try that technique and see if it works. Thank God the back side is indeed purl as I think this may actually work. I will let you know how things go. Again, many thanks for this useful tip. :woot:

I just want to thank you for your wonderful tip, it has helped me so much. I managed to close the hole up and you can’t notice it. You are a star :woohoo:

:heart: Glad it worked for you! The longer you knit, the more you’ll figure ways of fixing things that don’t require ripping anything out. I’ve never stopped making mistakes, just got better at hiding them :roflhard:

I know my comment is a bit late, but I’d like to say BeckyMorgan had a brilliant remedy!
Way to go, Becky! :thumbsup: