How to determine the muliple of a stitch pattern when it is not Given

I want to use this particular pattern stitch for a baby blanket but I do not know how to determine how many stitches I would cast on
This is the pattern row:Row1 (RS) K3 *yo, k2, k3tog, k2, yo, k1 rep from *16 times more, K2. Row 2; K3,p135,K3 Rep these 2 rows for Pattern Stitch

This pattern is for a an afghan but I want to use the pattern for a baby blanket. How do I tell what the multiple is for the repeat?

Count the number of sts required to do the repeat (the sts between the asterisks). This one requires 8sts and the decreases balance out the increases. So the repeat is 8 plus 5 on the edges (8 + 5).

That’s what I got, too! Yay, I did it right! :teehee:

Thank you both ! Now I can get started on the baby blanket tonight after my grandson goes to bed .

The multiple is the number of sts in the part you repeat; in this pattern it’s everything after the *, which is ‘yo, k2, k3tog, k2, yo, k1’

If the pattern indicates the multiple, do I need to worry about it, or is there something else to do besides follow the pattern?

It’s just usually giving you the information so if you want to make it wider or narrower you can figure out how many sts more or less to use. If it’s in a sweater pattern or something, it’s already in the pattern instructions.