How to decrease

Can you help me with this problem
The pattern says
Cast off 6 stitches at the beg of 2 rows as follows
Patt 2 , patt 2 tog, patt 2
What does this mean how does this cast of 6 stitches ?

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What pattern are you doing? Can you give us a pattern name or a link, please?

The pattern is RICO 473 essential alpaca blend
It’s the Dec on the shoulder after Dec 1 stitch each end
It says Dec 6 stitches .
Thank you

I would check the stitch counts if you can. That may help .
Often patterns will call for a decrease of some number of sts (say 6) at the beg of the next two rows, then continue with 4-5sts at the beg of the following two rows and so on.

I wonder if this pattern wants you to repeat Patt 2, patt 2 tog, patt 2, patt 2tog etc until 6 sts have been decreased. (Admittedly that’s not casting off.) Does that work with the cable pattern (assuming this is the correct pattern?

It is the right pattern. Thank you for your help I will try that and see if it works .

YThat doesn’t work so I am not sure the pattern is right has anybody used this pattern?

Can you check and see if the cast off directions are the same for front and back? The only other thing I can think of is to pattern 2, lift stitch one over stitch two on the right needle, patt 2 together, lift stitch one over stitch two, pattern one, lift over, pattern another, lift over. Then I’m guessing pattern one and lift over. That’s dec one and lift over 5 for a total dec of 6.
I checked Ravelry but the pattern isn’t listed. On Love Knitting there’s only one review from someone who hasn’t started the sweater yet.

Thank you salmonac for all your help I have just sorted it out with your help

Oh, good for you for getting this to work. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.