How to decrease with this?

For this hat it says to do what i am writing below. i am wondering on the decease when it says to repeat 3 more times do i do the 5 that more times or do i just do 5,4,3 with the decreases? the whole decreasing is confusing me with this. but its the only herringbone decrease i can find. can anyone explain it to me?

Work as established, making decs on Rnd 2 only.
Work one dec by slipping both sts off the needle
instead of just the first one (K2tog).
On the first dec rnd, the dec should be worked
every 5 sts (repeat the pattern stitch 3 times, then
drop the 4th and 5th st).
Then, every 4 sts and 3 sts. Then, K2tog until hat is
closed up or until approx. 8 sts rem. BO and weave
in ends.

For the first dec round (a round 2), work 3sts, drop the 4th and 5th sts and repeat around the hat.
Then work a round 1.
For the next dec round, work 2sts, drop 3 and 4, repeat around the hat…
Work a round 1.
Work 1st, drop 2 and 3, repeating around the hat and continue with the instructions.