How to decrease with selvage sts?


I absolutely LOVE this forum - I’ve been lurking around for awhile, watching videos, reading messages, but this is the first time I’ve posted a question.

I’ve just started working on my first sweater (from Summer '06 Vogue Knitting “The Art Issue,” page 36). I think it’s a little above me, skill-wise, but figured it would have a greater learning curve, as well.

The directions I’m questioning are for the back of the sweater and read as follows:

Cast on 83
Work in K3, p3 rib (which includes a selvage stitch at either end)
Dec 1 st each side (inside of selvage sts) every 4th row 6 times –
71 sts

And the questions are (drumroll please):

  1. Is it okay to just knit 2 together for these decreases, or will that mean the entire back of my sweater will slant to the right?
  2. Do I just ignore the selvage sts during this? Won’t the gap increase?

Thanks if you can, and I’m glad to be here!

Lily :smiley:


The selvedge stitches are there to make seaming easier. You can just knit or purl two together inside the selvedge stitches, and there won’t be a gap. The sides will just gradually slant in.

The only thing you have to be careful of is to keep your ribbing as it has been established.

:waving: Welcome, Lily :smiley:

Thank you so much!
I gave it a shot, and it seems to be working. I really appreciate it!