How to decrease size

Hi all,

I came across a baby shrug I would like to knit. the pattern is for a 6-9 month old baby, But i would like to make it for a 3 month or 3-6 months. How many St would i need to take off the CO st, or what needle size would need.TKS

I think you would start with a gauge swatch. You also would need to decide what size you want it to be. You then can take the length of the rectangle X sts/inch and you’re on your way.

That’s really cute.

It really is a cute pattern and so nice that they give you the video for the pattern stitch. See what kind of gauge you get and as GG says, use that to figure out how many sts you’ll need for the size you want to make. Two things to think about though. The pattern repeat is 10 sts so ideally you would drop out a 10st repeat. If that makes the shrug too small, you could add sts in rib or some other stitch at the edges. The other thing is that babies grow so fast, it might be just as well to go with the larger size. It might be a little big at first but it will fit in a very short time.

It’s usually more complicated than just casting on less less stitches i think. Besides less cast on stitches you’ll also need to adjust the length and how many stitches and rows for the sleeves. Since she uses a worsted weight yarn you might be able to just use a lighter weight yarn.

And I agree with Salmonac. Babies do grow fast. New babies often spend more time in sleepers than pretty dresses and sweaters at 3 mos. My own daughters did.

When i make baby garments I usually just make the smallest size and they wear it when it fits. And I also consider the season they might be wearing it.

I agree with the others, you don’t need to make it that much smaller - most babies will fit into a 6mo size at about 3-4 months old anyway. Sizing isn’t related to age at all. It’s a pretty stretchy pattern, but you can cast on 10 less stitches and do the repeated sts one less time. You might make it a couple inches shorter too, but I think that’s all you’d need to do to make it smaller.

Thanks all,:thumbsup:

I was going to leave it the same size, but I need it for Chrismas, and I tried to buy one, but I can’t fine any or a good sweater(I live in FL).

Don’t you hate that? My pet peeve is that they have swim suits out in January when we still need hats and mittens here in the North. You can’t buy those things at that time. That’s one of the reasons why I knit.