How to decrease on a Ribbing row of K1, P1, K1, etc

What is the easiest way to decrease on a ribbing row of K1, P1, K1, P1, etc? I’ve tried it several different ways and it just doesn’t look right to me…???

I’ve been thinking about this… :thinking: No matter what decrease you use it will show. I think as long as you are consistent and the decreases are evenly space if possible it will look fine. What are you making? Do you have a link to a pattern?

I am knitting the “Garden Party Sweater and Purse” for my granddaughter from the Better Homes and Garden’s Knitting Year Round. There MAY be a link somewhere, but I don’t know. I am attaching a photo. As you can tell, the “front” of the bottom ruffle would normally be the back side. I just can’t seem to make the decreases look “nice”. I’m sure I’m too picky. As my quilting teacher used to say - “A man on a galloping horse will never know the difference”.

From looking at the photo it appears to be decreased evenly around (or across). I think it only looks strange to you because you don’t have the whole picture yet. Keep going, I’m sure it’ll look fabulous!

Instead of making 2 into 1 when you decrease, try making 3 into 1 (a double decrease). This should allow you to stay in rib. E.g., if you use p3tog (to bring together a P, a K, and a P), the new P will still have K’s on each side so the rib pattern will be maintained. Remember to take into account that each decrease will reduce your stitch count by 2 when you do your calculations.

Do you continue in rib stitch after you decrease? It doesn’t quite look like it on the pattern. If the next row is a knit or purl for stockinette stitch, do the decreases on that row.


:doh: Good catch, Sue. How did I overlook the picture? Talk about not seeing the forest from the trees!