How to decrease knitting a child's dress

I am having trouble with the pattern above. It was translated from italian originally and I don’t understand how I should decrease the back and the front; the numbers don’t add up. Can someone help or did someone try a pattern like the above.

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Could you please edit your post to remove the pattern? Just the instructions for the back decreases are enough. We run into copyright problems otherwise.

It’s a little difficult but the numbers do add up. Start with 87sts. At 37cm, decrease 27sts approximately evenly across the row (60sts). Next, dec one stitch at each edge (beginning and end of row) every other row 3x (54sts). At 42cm bind off 5sts each side (44sts) and one stitch each side x2 (40sts). At 45cm, bind off center 18sts (11sts per shoulder). Continue to dec one stitch every other row 3x on each shoulder (8sts per shoulder).
These last decreases are probably at the neck edge.

Hello thanks a lot. I think what confused me was that I thought that I had to decrease 27 stitches over the course of 6 rows but you explained that it is just over one row and then decrease one stitch over each edge 3× so thank you for that. The pattern was available for free on raverly maybe but still I removed the picture.
Thanks again. I appreciate it

Great, glad it makes sense. Yes, even free patterns can cause problems.
Just a link to the Rav page is fine. Enjoy making the dress.

Uh okay will be careful
I’ve been self teaching myself knitting and crocheting for almost a year now and patterns are sometimes hard to grasp so I’m happy to find this place